Proof of Concept    HTML   DOC   PDF

A simple form for the initial evaluation of a business idea and supports available.


Accrual vs. Cash    HTML   DOC   PDF

Basic Accounting methods and Social Security treatment of both methods.


Accounting Brief    HTML   DOC   PDF

Major accounting reports and what the sections mean.  What you should know about accounting before you start your business.


Frequently Asked Tax Questions for SSA beneficiaries    HTML   DOC   PDF

A brief summary of some of the tax issues for beneficiaries and a link to the IRS publication with additional information


Understanding Common Business Terms    HTML   DOC   PDF

Gross sales, net income, owner’s draw and owner’s equity


Business Structure    HTML   DOC   PDF

Choosing the business structure that is best for you.  Understanding Social Security's treatment.


Social Security's treatment of corporations    HTML   DOC   PDF

A review of some of Social Security's policies regarding corporations.


Wage Employment Vs. Self-Employment   HTML   DOC   PDF

A review of Social Security's treatment of wage and self-employment - Am I really self-employed.


Brief on Social Security issues for an Accountant or Bookkeeper    HTML   DOC   PDF

A paper of basic Social Security issues and treatment of different Social Security programs and work incentives.


Do I have a business or hobby under Social Security guidelines?    HTML   DOC   PDF

Review of Department of Labor  and Social Security Administration treatment of businesses and hobbies and how to decide in which class you fall.


Employee or Contractor    HTML   DOC   PDF

Department of Labor review of the difference between employees and contractors - special cases



Explaining the IRS Impairment Related Work Expense deduction for federal taxes


Social Security Considerations    DOC   PDF

Excellent resource paper courtesy of Griffin-Hammis Associate, LLC