About Us


While we are based in Louisville Kentucky, we serve a national clientele supporting all types of small businesses and micro-enterprises.  Since the inception of Venture Mentors, we have worked with a wide variety of customers in a number of different states.  Venture Mentors provides the business expertise necessary to significantly increase the odds for a successful small business start-up and operation.  We are not rehabilitation experts or disability professionals, but we partner with state and local agencies so the customer gets the best possible supports and accommodations for a business enterprise. 


Jim Huston is the owner and founder of Venture Mentors, LLC.  He is Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Masters of Science degree in accounting.  He has 15 years of experience in senior financial management, holding positions such as Controller, Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.  He has an additional 8 years of national business consulting experience working in all sizes and types of companies.  Jim's former clients included Mead Paper, Emerson Electric, and Shell Chemical.


Jim has significant understanding of the Social Security disability benefit programs and their associated work incentives as they relate to self-employment and small business ownership.  He holds a certificate of completion for training required of SSA funded Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach (BPAO) projects.  Jim is also the parent of two adult children who experience disabilities. 


To contact us by telephone 502.930.2079 or email jim@venturementors.biz