Instructions for Word Document format of SSA-545-BK


I have avoided using fixed text blocks in this document.  I made extensive use of tables rather than open text blocks.  This is good and bad.  The tables retain the lines, but when typing in data a carriage return or word wrap will not take you to the next line.  I have a 10% grey over the tables so they can be easily seen.  There are a few basic instructions about tables below, if you have not previously worked with the.

To add lines to a table highlight a row of the table.  Go to “Table” at the top of your screen, drop down and select “Insert”.  Then select “Rows Above” or “Rows Below.”  You can select multiple rows and insert multiple rows with a single selection.


Do delete a row, highlight the row and “Cut” with the scissors at the top.  Delete will only remove the data it will not remove the line from the table.


Page titles are not anchored so if you add or delete information on the page, the following page titles in the section may require repositioning using cut and paste.  The sections (PART I – PART VIII) are separate sections and each new section forces a page break.


The selection boxes (YES/NO) are active buttons, but do not have a macro attached.  Double click on the button to mark or unmark the button.